What is Hair Cuticle?

Cuticle is the most essential outer layer of the hair; it is the scaly outer layer of the hair. It is this scaly outer layer that gives the hair its shine/luster and bounciness. When the hair strand is attached to your scalp, all layers including the cuticle will be getting its nourishment from your body. But when the hair strand is detached from the scalp, it is no longer getting any nutrition from the body. So, the outer scaly layer has a tendency to dry up fast, it becomes very sensitive to the kind of water/shampoo/conditioner you use to wash the hair. Anything strong would make your hair unmanageable. It is very important to prevent the cuticles from opening up, this you do by adequately moisturizing it by using hair serums, reducing the frequency of hair wash as much as possible.

Is The Hair Cuticle Visible To Your Eyes?

No. The only way to see it would be under an electron microscope (EM), which is very expensive.

What is Remy Hair?

Remy hair is hair where the cuticle (outer scaly layer of the hair) points in the same direct(unidirectional). This is possible only if the hair is tied together at the point where the donor donates (cuts) her hair. In India, women folks donate their hair to temples as offering to gods. Their hair is cut by the temple barber who ties the hair after cutting to ensure that the cuticle directions are maintained. The following are the advantages of Remy Hair.

  • The tangling behavior of the hair would be like your own hair
  • There won’t be excessive tangling as the directions of the cuticles are the same
  • Since the cuticles are intact, the hair can be colored and styled the way you want

All our hair extension products are made from 100% Virgin Indian Remy Hair.

What Is So Special About Indian Remy Hair?

The Remy Hair originating from India is considered to be of top most quality because of the strength of the hair strands and the genetic makeup of the hair. Since most of the Indian Remy Hair originates from the temples of Southern India, it can be safely assumed that most of the donors of Indian Remy Hair would be people settled in the southern part of India. In Southern part of India coconut oil has been used by women folks to groom their hair for centuries. The benefits of coconut oil is well documented, you can Google it up. Another very important thing about of Indian Remy Hair is that most of the Remy Hair are“Virgin”. Virgin Indian Remy Hair is the most sought after hair, Virgin means the hair is not chemically treated. Our Virgin Indian Remy Hair Wefts will last you years, of course if taken care of like your own hair.

What Is Non-Remy Hair?

Non-Remy Hair comes in 2 forms:

  • Multi-directional Cuticles :When the cuticles in the machine weft hair or Bulk Remy hair points in different direction then the hair is called Non-Remy Hair. There are no advantage to non Remy hair, there are only disadvantages. The main one being the hair will tangle a lot, as the cuticle of the hair will be facing the comb, repeating combing will open up cuticles and make the hair worst.
  • Cuticle Free Hair (CF Hair): So, what you do to Non-Remy Hair with multi-directional cuticles? Throw it away? The answer is NO! You remove the cuticle and make it manageable. This hair is called processed hair; the cuticle of this kind of hair is removed using an acid wash process. This hair is cheaper than the Remy Hair. Since the cuticle is removed, the hair becomes lifeless, so to give it shine and softness it is given a chemical treatment and coated using Silicone based coat (akin to waxing your car paint). But guess what, once the coat wears off the hair has to be thrown as it is no longer wearable. Remember, especially while buying hair, the more lustrous/shiny the hair looks, you may be taken for a ride.

Note that double drawn hair is usually made by mixing Non-Remy hair as each hair strand in the weft/bulk hair is of the same length, which is achieved by cutting off the tip of the hair. It is impossible to know whether the cuticles of the strands are facing the same direction. It is our opinion to prospective buyers that you should always buy single drawn hair as it will give you the most natural look and chances of you taken for a ride (being cheated) would be reduced drastically.

What is Single Drawn Hair?

Single drawn Remy Hair is the hair that has non-uniform length; it gives you a ponytail look. In the single drawn hair you will have hair strands of different lengths just like your own hair. This hair will give you a 100% natural look; nobody can say you are wearing an extension.

What Is Double Drawn Hair?

Double drawn hair is hair where each strand of hair has the same length. This is done by cutting off the tip of the hair, mostly before the hair starts tapering towards the tip. This makes each strand of the hair to have the same thickness from top to end of the hair strand. Kindly beware while buying this kind of hair as this is where maximum cheating happens i.e. mixing of Non-Remy hair with Remy hair.

What Is The Difference Between Bulk Hair & Wefted Hair?

Most popular wefts sold throughout the world are machine wefts. It is loose hair that is sewn together using a hair wefting machine; these wefts can easily be cut to fit someone”s head. Earlier these wefts used to give slightly bigger bulge versus hand tied wefts. The new generation wefting machines give very thin flatter and strong wefts, fits well then the Hand tied wefts.

What are Hand Tied Wefts?

Hand tied Wefts as the name suggests are Wefts sewn by hand. It allows us to make a smaller Weft so it fit”s flatter against your head. These wefts are very difficult to cut as the weft tends to open up; these wefts are not meant to be cut. Nowadays this kind of weft is not that popular

What is the best way to cut a weft?

If you need to cut your weft, we recommend using a glue to seal the ends. We cannot guarantee that the hair will not shed once cut.

Do I Need To Glue The Weft To Reduce Hair Shedding?

It is not necessary to glue our wefts as our wefts are very strong, shedding in our hair will be less than 1%. If you want 0% shedding then the only way to do it would be to use hair glue on the wefts. Normally, in any of our competitor’s machine weft hair you will see hair shedding up to 4-5%.

How Much Hair Do I Need For One Head?

The average head needs 8 ounces of hair which is equivalent to 227 gms. Again, it depends on the volume you seek, for lengths lesser than 16” 2 packs should suffice. For lengths greater than 16” you may need 2 to 3 packs. Kindly note that the hair volume of the weft decreases as the hair length increases. Shorter the hair more the hair volume.

Are The Curly/Wavy Hair Naturally Curly/Wavy?

No, our Curly/Wavy hair is steamed curled/waved. We do not use any perming solution unless the customer requests us to use it. Since the hair is steamed curled/waved, the hair will lose its style after few washes. However, the customer can always style the hair later on the way she desires as the cuticles are not damaged. Note that we do not use perming solution as it damages the cuticle layer, hence reduces the life of the hair.

Can I Color This Hair?

Yes, you can color this hair. It is 100% Indian Virgin Remy hair so you should not have any issues coloring our hair. You can also style the hair the way you want.

What Type Of Hair Care Products Should I Use?

Comb through your hair with a mild shampoo and conditioner starting from the bottom, then working your way back to the top. Please treat this hair as if it were your own. The more you take care of your hair, the longer it lasts. It is important to remember that it is not directly connected to your scalp, so it will need to be externally moisturized to prevent the cuticle from drying up (cuticle opening) thereby causing tangling issues.

Do I Have To Do Anything Special In The Morning?

Yes, we strongly advise you to comb or brush your hair when first waking up. This will prevent any future knotting.

Do I have to do anything special at night?

Sleeping on damp hair will always damage and tangle hair. Never Sleep On Wet Hair. Make sure the hair is completely dry prior to wrapping up.

Can I Go Swimming?

Yes, you can go swimming, however, like with your own hair, one should use a swimming cap in chlorine waters. Chlorine may cause hair to become dry and split after time.

How long will your Remy Hair last?

With proper care our hair will last you for years. Our hair is 100% Virgin Indian Remy hair, which is the best in the market.

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